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TEACHER ZONE - Teaching Tips


When introducing a new notion to your students, please use the following three step approach:

Elicit from the learners to see what they already know. Casually ask them questions using the target structure. Depending on how they answer, you can anticipate how long you will need to spend explaining and exploiting the information. You may even have to skip those steps all together if they answer perfectly from the start.

Explain the concept in a clear and systematic way. To help learners memorize the information, try to be concise and use visual tools. In most cases using the board is more dynamic than reading from a book. We favour using the textbook in the exploitation phase rather than for initial explanations.

In a group, if certain students know a lot more about the subject than others, ask the more knowledgeable ones to help you during the explanations. Do not continue to elicit from students who are clearly confused. It emphasizes a weakness and can be frustrating.

Exploit the information in a variety of ways (drills, guided conversations, games, etc.). The textbook is one of many good tools at your disposal to exploit new information or to review and touch up certain structures. It can be used in class or as homework.