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TEACHER ZONE - Teaching Tips

TEACHER TALK - TIPS ON REDUCING T - T - T (Teacher Talking Time)

1. Always keep in mind the ideal ratio of teacher talking to student talking is 30:70.
Confine your talking to explaining new language / grammar, giving instructions and correcting the students.

2. Prepare your examples and concept questions beforehand and include them in your lesson plan. This will make your explanations clearer and you won’t be left searching for words.

3. Mime and demonstrate wherever possible, especially with lower levels.
E.g., Do not say “I want you to listen to me and then repeat what I say.” Instead say “Listen” while cupping your ear. Then, after you have finished modeling the sentence say “Repeat” and indicate with your hands that you want the class to respond.

4. Avoid ‘echoing’, that is repeating what the student said.
E.g., S1 - “I went skiing on Saturday.”
        T  - “You went skiing on Saturday. How lovely.”

5. Avoid saying ‘good’ all the time. It sounds patronizing. Use a thumbs up signal or a simple “yes” or “no.”

6. Avoid commenting on your lesson.
E.g., Well, that worked really well, didn’t it?” or “Let’s see how this will go over.”

7. Don’t lecture or get involved in class discussions. Remember the point of the discussions is to promote the students’ fluency - not yours.