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1. Listen to the following telephone conversation.
2. You can pause and rewind as much as you like.
3. Check your comprehension by doing the quiz below the audio recording.



1. Which of the following sentences best describes the situation?

    a) Seana has to rewrite a document he has lost
    b) Seana is late handing in an important document to Len
    c) Seana was in a meeting last night and couldn't finish a report
    d) Seana will not be able to finish the report before Len’s meeting

2. Len is preoccupied because

    a) he is afraid the report will not be ready before he meets his boss for lunch
    b) the report has been lost
    c) Seana wants him to reschedule the meeting
    d) he needs the report to be finished before his board meeting

3. Seana thinks

    a) Len should proofread the document before his meeting
    b) he will finish the document soon and everything will be okay
    c) Len should give him more time to finish the document
    d) he is having trouble sending the document