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1. Listen to the following telephone conversation.
2. You can pause and rewind as much as you like.
3. Check your comprehension by doing the quiz below the audio recording.



1. Toni is calling the cable company because

    a) his cable hasn’t been working for two months
    b) he was charged for cable while he was in Alaska
    c) he has been charged too much
    d) he wants to switch cable providers

2. Manon explains that

    a) a problem in the computer system is to blame
    b) the bill was sent to Alaska
    c) she will call computer services to find out what happened
    d) she can guarantee the problem won’t happen again

3. Manon offers Toni two free months of service and

    a) a bundle of five new channels for three years
    b) a free bundle of five channels for a year
    c) a guarantee that this won’t happen again
    d) a bundle of five action channels free for two years