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1. Listen to the following conversation.
2. You can pause and rewind as much as you like.
3. Check your comprehension by doing the quiz below the audio recording.



1. Mr. Dion is studying English because he needs to attain a higher level of proficiency in
    a) reading, writing and speaking.
    b) writing and speaking.
    c) reading.
    d) listening.

2. Mr. Dion's professional vocabulary is

    a) not very good.
    b) very bad.
    c) excellent.
    d) quite good.

3. After lunch, Mr. Dion often

    a) feels sleepy.
    b) gets frustrated.
    c) takes a break.
    d) needs a dose of caffeine.

4. Which of the following sentences is true?

    a) Mr. Dion speaks in a loud voice.
    b) The speaker in room B is sometimes too soft and sounds choppy.
    c) Mr. Dion is tired of doing test simulations every day.
    d) Denyse will work on oral activities and Jo will cover writing and structures.

5. In this context, to breathe down a person's neck means

    a) to comfort the person by making your presence felt.
    b) to encourage the person.
    c) to judge and criticize the person.
    d) to follow what the person is doing too closely.