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In this lesson you will learn some basic information about using understatement to give opinions and suggestions.
1. Click on the video below.
2. Watch the video. You can pause and rewind as much as you like.
3. Check your comprehension by doing the quiz below the video.


Quiz - Using Understatement

1. English speakers use understatement
    a) because it is cultural
    b) to make others feel inferior
    c) because they don't like to show emotions
    d) because they are modest

2. If someone says your idea is not bad

    a) they are insulting you
    b) they are complimenting you c) they couldn't care less
    d) they weren't paying attention

3. English speakers also put 'not' in front of adjectives

    a) to make the statement more polite
    b) to make the statement more positive c) to confuse people who are learning the language
    d) to make the adjective negative

4. We can put 'very' in front of the word 'not' plus the adjective (e.g. not very good)

    a) to take the sting out of the statement
    b) to add emphasis to the statement c) to exaggerate
    d) to complain

5. If I say the food in the restaurant was not very hot, I mean

    a) the food was boring
    b) the food was served slightly warm c) the food was served cold
    d) the food was bland