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In this lesson you will learn some really useful information about English cultures.
1. Click on the video below.
2. Watch the video. You can pause and rewind as much as you like.
3. Check your comprehension by doing the quiz below the video.


Quiz - Types of English

1. If you live in Australia, you should
    a) learn standard North American English
    b) learn to use Australian slang
    c) learn to understand Australian slang but focus on standard Australian English
    d) avoid learning slang completely until you are advanced

2. Standard North American English is

    a) widely understood and spoken globally
    b) the best form of English
    c) less pure than British English
    d) spoken by most people who also speak French and Spanish

3. Regionalisms and slang

    a) are more common in North America than in Great Britain
    b) are important parts of standard North American English
    c) must never be studied by intermediate students
    d) are important to understand English speakers

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