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In this lesson you will learn some basic information about telling time in English.
1. Click on the video below.
2. Watch the video. You can pause and rewind as much as you like.
3. Check your comprehension by doing the quiz below the video.


Quiz - Telling Time

1. What do we call the parts of the clock?
    a) The nose and the feet
    b) The hands and the fingers
    c) The face and the forehead
    d) The hands and the face

2. When we tell time, we say the minutes

    a) before we say the hour
    b) after we say the hour c) either before or after we say the hour
    d) Differently in the morning than in the afternoon

3. 3:15 is pronounced

    a) a quarter to three
    b) three and a quarter c) a quarter past three
    d) none of the above

4. If it is 12 a.m.

    a) the sun is shining
    b) call your grandmother c) it must be Tuesday
    d) it’s time for a midnight snack

5. It’s okay to say 10 o’clock am

    a) never
    b) in the morning c) in the evening
    d) only on Sundays

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