In this lesson you will practice your listening skills.
1. Listen to the following telephone messages.
2. You can pause and rewind as much as you like.
3. Check your comprehension by doing the quiz below the audio recording.


Quiz - Message 1

1. Where is the caller going?
    a) To the train station
    b) To the airport
    c) To the gate
    d) To International Arrivals

2. When is the caller expected to arrive?

    a) In a few minutes
    b) Later
    c) In 15 minutes
    d) Never

3. Where is the caller now?

    a) At the airport
    b) On a flight
    c) At home
    d) On her way

Quiz - Message 2

1. Where is Robert?
    a) At the lost and found
    b) At the International Arrivals gate
    c) In Mexico
    d) On the plane

2. What is Robert doing?

    a) Having a cup of coffee
    b) Filling out paperwork
    c) Looking for his luggage
    d) Waiting at the International Arrivals gate

3. In his message, Robert suggests that Jackie…

    a) be afraid
    b) get his luggage
    c) go home
    d) have a cup of coffee

Quiz - Message 3

1. Why can’t the caller come to work?
    a) He is sick
    b) He lost his key
    c) He has a personal issue
    d) He has a presentation

2. What did the caller leave in the top drawer?

    a) Everything you need
    b) A USB key
    c) A personal issue
    d) A key to the office

3. What is on the USB key?

    a) A personal issue
    b) An immediate requirement
    c) Client information
    d) A presentation

Quiz - Message 4

1. What department has the caller reached?
    a) The Human Resources department
    b) The ACME Incorporated department
    c) The Benefits and Payroll department
    d) The Personnel Department

2. When are offices open?

    a) Weekdays
    b) Weekends
    c) Evenings
    d) 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

3. What is ACME?

    a) A Human Resources company
    b) A Payroll company
    c) A Resources company
    d) An Incorporated company