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In this lesson you will learn about:
- Friendly and formal English
- Being polite by being indirect
- Using first and last names
1. Click on the video below.
2. Watch the video. You can pause and rewind as much as you like.
3. Check your comprehension by doing the quiz below the video.


Quiz - Friendly or Formal?

1. Is it better to discuss sensitive issues:
    a) formally
    b) abruptly
    c) indirectly
    d) in a soft voice

2. Which of the following is true?

    a) Some people think using first names is friendly
    b) Everybody agrees that using first names with strangers is impolite
    c) Titles are not used in English
    d) It is safer to use first names

3. Which of the following sentences is most polite?

    a) I am sorry Ms. Smith but you can't come with us this time.
    b) I think it might be easier if you came next time, Maria.
    c) Please be advised that it would be preferable to come next time, Maria.
    d) Dear Engineer Maria, please come next time instead of this time.

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